If you’re curious about how we manage content on the site check out breadtube.tv/process.

Let me know how we can expand on this information or if you’re interested in helping us maintain the website or instance.

I’m going to be up a video this week about using our @BreadTubeTV PeerTube instance watch.breadtube.tv for anyone interested increasing their distribution channels and backing up their videos.

Over 100 more channels added to breadtube.tv/channels/ thanks to a list posted on reddit by @radicalreviewer last year!

If you still don’t see a channel that should be, please let me know!

Due to the old site being so difficult to update there’s still lots of creators missing from beta.breadtube.tv/channels/

Let me know if you’re missing and I’ll make sure to get you into the backlog.

Suggestions are assessed based on a search of the subreddit.

Progress Update for beta.breadtube.tv

- Design first-pass completed
- YouTube autosyncing progressed (backlog limited by API rate)
- PeerTube video embedding integrated
- PeerTube autosyncing conceptualised

This was a good read kevq.uk/why-i-dont-use-a-stati

Complementary piece title: why static site generators and content management systems need each other

We can launch the new staging.breadtube.tv this month with @dtorres design on the staging-api.breadtube.tv .

I need to spend some time this weekend and next catching up. Last few have been rather busy and intense with COVID-19 reacting and amazing life events.

More soon.

Hiya @CamazotzAltar let me know if there's anything I can help you with regarding breadtube.tv

I am actively working on three BreadTube.tv projects.
- staging.breadtube.tv which is a rewrite of the site
- api-staging.breadtube.tv which is a content management system serving the new rewrite
- As well as a site redesign with torres_asdf

There are 2 stale projects
- PeerTube server, looking for software engineering support for this project. gitlab.com/breadtube/peertube.
- Getting community guidelines written up, needs a writer gitlab.com/breadtube/www.bread

Hi @papaj thanks for joining us, really looking forward to pair-programming with you. I'll get Muro in here to talk the current progress on getting up with Kubernetes github.com/Chocobozzz/PeerTube


Have set up a BreadTube.tv private mastodon instance for creator collaboration.


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